Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Ghost Assassin: An indie comic book

A first for this blog, I'm reviewing an indie comic that isn't actually out yet!
From the talented people at DarkSlinger Comics,
Ghost Assassin Issue One, launched on KickStarter today, January 23rd, 2018.

I've had the opportunity to speak with the creators and read through the KickStarter material, and I have to tell you, I am excited about this comic!  So this review is about what I've read, why I think its a cool campaign to support, and to give you easy access to check it out.

Enjoy this preview!

What it is:
A new comic from the talented team at Darkslinger Comics.

From their campaign:
"The goal of this Kickstarter is to raise funds for the printing of issue #1 of the new Ghost Assassin ongoing series.  The first issue of Ghost Assassin is print ready.  All artwork, coloring, lettering and graphic design for the first issue are complete.  Issue #1 is a 32 page full color comic written by Adam Watson with artwork by Joel Cotejar and Charles Carvalho with coloring by Edward Bola and Gulliver Silva.  The cover for issue #1 is penciled by Joel Cotejar with coloring by Ceci De La Cruz."

Ghost assassin tells the story of David, an assassin living with the sins of his past.  This is a literal truth as he sees the souls/ghosts of people, including those of people he killed.

What excites me about this book is the unbridled potential of this new series as an ongoing story, coupled with great art, and a story theme I can sink my teeth in.

What I've read:

David is ruthless in that he has no qualms about killing.  Its natural for him, which is a terrific train for a professional killer.  Having to live with seeing the ghosts of people, especially the people whom you killed, is a neat twist that I see a tremendous amount of potential in.

Why I'm exited:

The concept is intriguing.  I haven't tried to pry the story out of the creators, beyond what they are doing as their theme and some juicy bits they let slip (check out their podcast to learn more on that), but I imagine a number of possibilities.

Living with the ghosts of those he's killed means that David is literally haunted by his past. Is his ability to see the unquiet spirits of the dead what lead him to be so callous about taking life?  I really look forward to discovering the layers of this character issue to issue.

Why its a cool campaign to support:

1) Indie comics are the crucible of original thought for today's comic book fans.  Your choices aren't limited to just the major publishers anymore.  Indie comic book writers and artists are producing intriguing stories with high quality art all the time.  This is a great example.

2) Really impressive backer reward levels.  This campaign is put together in a simple and straightforward way that lets you get copy as reward, but that's not all!  There is a premium reward tier where YOU can be illustrated as a ghost in an issue.  That is a really great reward so if you can afford it, take advantage and be the drawn right into this intriguing story.

Check out the campaign for some tantalizing tidbits and to get your hands on this great new comic from the talented team at DarkSlinger!

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